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Robinson Tax Service
Our Mission

We are Enrolled Agents, which specializes in taxpayer representation before the Internal Revenue Service.  When you
hire Robinson Tax Service to help you, your tax problems are viewed with a dual perspective, knowing what IRS will do
and also what can be done to resolve the problem with the least disruption to your lifestyle.

We have 10 years of tax resolution experience which includes administration, preparation of delinquent tax returns,
representation through the audit and appeals levels and filing offers-in-compromise.   Our work exclusively doing  
offers-in-compromise, levy releases, penalty abatements, and installment agreements for our clients.  

The IRS makes mistakes!  But will you know if they have fulfilled the minimum requirements before they levy your wages,  
bank account or your home?  At Robinson Tax Service, we know how to hold IRS to the laws and procedures laid out to
assure your rights are observed.

IRS must offer you the right to appeal their decision to levy your assets, wages or file a lien against your property.  But do
you know how to take advantage of this offer?  Don't put off talking to a representative.  You might miss your opportunity!

Once the levy is served, do you know how to get it released?  We do.  Let us help you.  Click here for your free initial
Our Mission:  To provide everyone with quality tax representation at a affordable price