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What is this tax bill from the IRS?
Do I have to take a unsecured loan to pay
the IRS?
Do I have to go this alone or can I have
someone to represent me in all IRS
examination, audits and collection issues?

Well, you're in the right place and in good hands with
Robinson Tax Service.

Let us do the talking for you on all IRS examination, audits
and collection issues.

Our Clients Never Talk to The IRS

Robinson Tax Service prepares the Offers in Compromise from your information and negotiates with the IRS to have
them accept the lowest amount possible as full and final settlement for all taxes, penalties and interests.

The IRS has powers allowing them to seize personal and business assets to pay off outstanding tax liabilities.  
Robinson Tax Service is regularly retained to negotiate the release of wage garnishments by either arranging an
installment agreement or filing an offer in compromise.  The solution negotiated by Robinson Tax Service is always
more favorable than any IRS wage garnishment.  It allows you to receive your whole paycheck without fear of future
wage garnishments.  If you qualify, Robinson Tax Service can have you declared temporarily un-collectable.
The IRS can make your life miserable by filing federal tax liens.  These tax liens are public record that you owe various
taxes.  They are filed with the County Clerk in the county in which you reside or in the county in which your business
operates.  Credit Bureaus put the federal tax lien on your credit report making it very difficult for you to finance
anything.  As most of your future credit applications would be rejected.

Levies should be avoided at all costs and are usually the result of poor or no communication with the IRS.  Robinson
Tax Service negotiating with the IRS, can release the levy.  One should not consider a levy the only way to pay the IRS
after it has been issued.

Most people with tax returns that have not been filed are afraid of what will happen to them when they get back into
the system.  As you file these old returns, Robinson Tax Service will be the contact for the IRS.  Robinson Tax Service
deals with the IRS, and you get straight with the IRS without worrying.

Receiving an IRS audit letter is about the worst mail you can get.  We do not suggest that any individual or business
meet with the IRS directly in connection with an audit.  The IRS auditors are trained to get more information out of you
than you have to provide.  The first thing we recommend is that you do not speak or meet with the auditor.  Have an
experienced tax practitioner handle all correspondence and meetings with the IRS.  The preparation before the audit
appointment is extremely important.

If there is a tax lien on your home or property, we can temporarily lift the lien and allow you to refinance or sell.  This
solution is especially useful when using equity in a property to pay off a negotiated settlement, and can also be a smart
option to take advantage of favorable interest rates and market conditions.  When you call, your assigned strategist
can tailor this program specifically around your needs and time concerns, creating the most favorable outcome

When you find you cannot pay what you owe, the IRS will work out some type of payment arrangements.  The IRS
guidelines for expenses they will allow are very stringent.  The bottom line is you only pay the IRS what you can afford
each month.  For example: A taxpayer who owes the IRS $53,000 may be paying $50 per month and a taxpayer who owes
$18,000 may be paying $700 per month.  The amount you owe does not matter.  The payment arrangements are based
upon how much you can pay.  Robinson Tax Service reviews the taxpayer's financial condition and can usually suggest
the amount the IRS will accept for a monthly payment before we contact the IRS.  Our client must approve the monthly
payment amount before we agree to anything with the IRS.  The main thing we try to avoid is a lifetime payment to the
IRS and establishing an end date with the IRS accomplishes this.

We have on-line access to the IRS's income database.  With your authorization, we can pull a report of the income that
has been reported to IRS by your payers.  This on-line capability is not available to all tax professionals.  In some cases
the information may be too old to be on-line.  In those cases, we can order them from IRS for you.

Any fee quoted covers our complete service as quoted in writing-and is based on our reliance on your answer to our
questions prior to our fee quote.  Rest assured, this fee will not increase no matter how many hours we have to work
on your case.
Most of our clients get accepted the first time but if for any reason your request is turned down we continue to work
your case until you get the relief you deserver.  If the IRS turns down our request for relief for any reason we will file
an appeal for
Fill out our quick quote and we will estimate how much we will save you with no obligation!

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